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Queen City is a collective coffee company in Denver building community from farm to cup. Our coffee comes from farmers and producers we know, and is then small-batch roasted in the city we love. We believe that honest relationships, from farmers to consumers, achieve an equitable and sustainable coffee supply chain.


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Belafonte // Double Origin

Belafonte // Double Origin

Hingakawa // Rwanda

Hingakawa // Rwanda

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Made by HER

Women provide upwards of 80% of coffee field and harvest labor worldwide; however, they often do not have access to the revenue generated from their labor. 

We're trying to do our small part to change this by partnering with and advocating for women coffee farmers. From women-run cooperatives in Central America to women's growing groups in Africa, coffee can be a profitable and sustainable future for women farmers when we work together for the collective good. 

Look for our Made by HER logo on those coffees coming from the hands of women farmers directly to you.




Interested in using QC in your coffee shop, restaurant or office? Drop us a line! We treat our wholesale program like we treat our coffee sourcing ... it's all about community.

Don’t be shy. Hit us up -- wholesale@queencityroasting.com

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