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Bella Vista // Mexico

Bella Vista // Mexico

 Reminds us of — cherry cola & caramel

12 ounce & 5 lbs bulk bag available.

To say we’re excited to be roasting this coffee is an understatement. Sourced from small family-owned farms in and around the remote town of Bella Vista in the mountainous state of Chiapas, Mexico, this coffee is the labor of love of Rosalba Cifuentes Tovia. Rosalba, whose family has a long history of growing coffee in Bella Vista, has dedicated herself to helping women producers with small plots of land (averaging 5 acres) earn a better price for their coffee under the banner of her company, Mayan Harvest.

The story of how Rosalba started Mayan Harvest is almost too incredible to believe, but she has overcome tremendous obstacles of poverty and violence to create an export company that is truly bringing a positive impact to the Bella Vista community. For example, the Mayan Harvest Women's Group is an association of over 200 women farmers who Rosalba works directly with to ensure traceable coffees that provide quality premiums returned directly to the women. Such work is providing financial empowerment for these women producers who have been historically exploited in more common supply chain models involving predatory middlemen (aka coyotes) and willfully ignorant export/import companies.

We had the opportunity to witness first-hand the work Rosalba is doing in Bella Vista in July '23 and we were amazed at the resilience of both Rosalba and the members of the Mayan Harvest Women's Group. Your purchase of their coffee is the continued support of their movement to overcome poverty and exploitation in the most truly genuine, collective way possible.