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Long Pond Studio  X  Queen City

Long Pond Studio X Queen City

Reminds us of - Chocolate Covered Almonds & Red Grapes
12oz Retail ONLY

A special, fully washed coffee from the San Lucas Tolimán region of Guatemala sourced exclusively for our friend Aaron Dessner & Long Pond Studio.

There's a powerful intersection between music and coffee, bringing together passion, creativity, and communal connectivity. It has been our pleasure to work alongside the ever-humble Aaron Dessner to bring this intersection to life by collaborating on this coffee release under the name of his famed Long Pond Studio.

Long Pond is a place of refuge and retreat that has sparked the creative output of notable musicians; but it is more than a recording studio, it is a place of connection, a thread in the fabric of the greater community found in upstate NY. With a cup of this coffee in hand, we hope you find the same spark and connection fostered at Long Pond.

Aaron’s commitment to positive community impact is found here because all proceeds are donated to his nonprofit of choice, Hawthorne Valley Association.

Hawthorne Valley is a 501(c)3 non-profit that runs a 900-acre biodynamic farm with community programs including an educational Farm Camp for kids + a visiting student program, as well as a farm store and CSA program for local distribution of organic produce. They also oversee a conservation easement to ensure important biodiversity protection for future generations.  

To learn more about their incredible work, visit Hawthorne Valley’s website here - https://hawthornevalley.org/