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Dog Days // Summer Release

Dog Days // Summer Release

Reminds us of -- dark chocolate & strawberries

12 ounces or 5 lbs. bulk bag available.

A summery blend of Guatemalan coffee from Lake Atitlan + Rwandan coffee from Fugi CWS

When you feel the sweltering days of summer draggin' along and you need to reach for a lil pick-me-up, we've got the perfect seasonal blend for ya. A 75/25 combo of washed Guatemalan + washed Rwandan coffees, it's a sweet and bright cup that works well for any iced coffee brew method you're working with on these hot summer days. Chocolate notes pair well with the red fruit notes on the finish and this versatile blend will pair well with milk or just straight-up as is. The hot golden days of summer are meant to be enjoyed so in the words of our homie Archie from Yippee Cafe, brew on lil doggies.