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Guji Kalimaz // Ethiopia

Guji Kalimaz // Ethiopia

Reminds us of - Raspberry Jelly & Marshmallows

12oz | 5lb. Bulk Bags

Kalimaz lot // Gerba, Guji, Ethiopia
Natural [dry] processed heirlooms // 1800 - 2000+ masl

Fruity, jammy and sweet, this tasty natural processed lot from Ardent Coffee was introduced to us by our friends at Unravel Coffee Merchants. Ardent works closely with a washing station in the town of Gerba that collects cherries from over 500 farmers in the area. Processing at this station is overseen by Tariku Getachew, a 27-year-old, second-generation coffee farmer, who is employing innovative anaerobic preprocessing techniques to increase sweetness in the cup and overall lot uniformity. His creativity and diligence are apparent in the beauty of this coffee profile, which is bursting with jammy red fruits and marshmallow sweetness.

In line with the Tariku's influence on this coffee, Ardent and Unravel decided to name this particular lot Kalimaz, which is a combo of two Amharic words – promise and explore. We think brewing up a cup of Kalimaz lives up perfectly to its namesake.