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Guji Jigesa // Ethiopia

Guji Jigesa // Ethiopia

Reminds us of -- juicy peach & bright rose

12 ounces or 5 lbs. bulk bag available.

Jigesa CWS // Shakisso, Guji Zone, Ethiopia
Fully washed heirloom // 1950+ masl

This is our FIFTH year in a row purchasing coffee from our friends in Guji Jigesa and we can't enough of it! This fully washed lot is clean, sweet, and bright like any classic washed Ethiopian coffee should be. The perfect cup of coffee.

The Jigesa washing station is located in the Shakisso district in the Guji zone of Ethiopia’s Southern Oromia State. Coffee is delivered daily to Jigesa by around 850 local smallholder farmers. The majority of these families farm organically on tiny plots of land (averaging 2 – 5 hectares in size) located 1,800–1,950m above sea level. Coffee is their main cash crop and grows under the shade of Birbira, Wanza, and Acacia trees. Jigesa is owned by Testi Coffee, a family-owned company led by Mr. Faysel Yonis. Mr. Faysel is committed to directly providing farmers and their families with basic community needs. Testi has an in-house program called Project Direct that funds initiatives for clean water, education, and any project that makes the farming community stronger.