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Finca Patzibir // Guatemala

Finca Patzibir // Guatemala


Reminds us of - Sweet Nougat & Milk Chocolate
12oz Retail  | 5lb Bulk bags

Finca Patzibir // San Lucas Tolimán, Guatemala
Fully washed caturra, bourbon & typica // 1475-1600 masl

We met Andres Fahsen at his farm, Finca Patzibir, while visiting our friends at Los Volcanes Coffee in Guatemala in 2023. Andres is a 5th generation coffee producer and he works closely with LVC to implement organic and regenerative farming practices across his 56-hectare farm. The farm sits on the slopes of Volcán Tolimán near the stunning southern shore of Lake Atitlán.

It's a breathtaking spot to cultivate coffee and the surrounding topography creates a unique micro-climate in which Andres has perfected his organic practices to maximize both coffee quality and regenerative agro-forestry. His coffee plants are on terraces and interplanted with grasses that help retain moisture and nutrients in the soil that would otherwise wash away in heavy rains. Clippings from these grasses are used in his composting program, which returns nutrients back into the soil. Much of the canopy on the farm is a native tree species known as Tzibir, and in fact, this is where the farm gets its name. “Patzibir” is a Kaqchikel (an indigenous language to this part of Guatemala) word meaning “where the Tzibir tree lives."