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El Crucero // Colombia

El Crucero // Colombia

Reminds us of - Milk Chocolate & Papaya
12oz | 5lb. Bulk Bags 

Familia de Mustafá // Pereira, Risaralda, Colombia
Fed-Batch Semi-Washed Castillo varietals // 1550-1650 masl

We've known the incredible Ana Mustafá for the better part of six (6!) years and have featured coffees from her and her family season on season. This year is no different and we've returned to a Mustafá classic, El Crucero.

Ana and her crew have perfected a unique fed-batch process that lends itself to a truly special coffee experience in the cup that sits somewhere between a clean washed coffee and a funky fermented natural. They achieve this by taking the coffee cherries picked every day for three days and left to ferment in a fermentation tank in layers. Each day's pickings are layered on top of each other with fresh coffee cherries placed on top. After this controlled three-day fermentation, the cherries are depupled, washed, and then dried like a traditional washed coffee. This process yields a truly balanced, fruity, and yet still clean cup with just enough funk to keep you coming back for more.

We love Ana and the whole damn crew behind La Real Expedición Botánica in Pereira, Colombia- the homies responsible for getting this coffee from her farm to your cup.