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Claudia & Juan Hernandez // Honduras

Claudia & Juan Hernandez // Honduras

 Reminds us of -- sweet cacao & bright florals

12 ounce or 5 lbs. bulk bags available.

For the third season in a row, we've partnered with Catracha Coffee, Bext360 & iDE to bring the amazing coffee of producers Claudia & Juan Hernandez from Santa Elena, Honduras all the way to you through a blockchain encrypted supply chain. The partnerships of this project are building a truly transparent supply chain with details down to daily cherry-picking dates, export-import logistics, payment contracts, etc. Just scan the QR code found on the bag to see the journey of Claudia & Juan's coffee from their farm in Honduras all the way to your cup.

Just as exciting as the transparency of this project is our commitment to sharing the final value of the coffee back with Claudia & Juan and their coffee community. $1 from every bag sold will be shared with Claudia & Juan, their hired coffee pickers, and a community health slush fund overseen by Catracha Coffee. We're pumped to still be playing our part in this project and supporting a more vibrant, connected, and traceable coffee supply chain.