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Belia & Rosendo // Mexico

Belia & Rosendo // Mexico

Reminds us of - Sweet Toffee & Green Apple
12oz Retail | 5lb Bulk Bags

Belia Alvarado Morales and Rosendo Mazariegos // Bella Vista, Chiapas, Mexico
Fully washed bourbon & typica // 1500+ masl

We've been buying coffee from the amazing Mayan Harvest producers in Chiapas, Mexico for several years now. Many of you will know that their community-lot from smallholders in and around the mountain town of Bella Vista has been a staple on our menu for quite some time. This past season, however, some of the individual smallholders experimented with separating out micro-lots from their individual farms. This coffee is one of those micro-lots.

It was produced by Belia Alvarado Morales and Rosendo Mazariegos, a married couple living high up in the Sierra Madre de Chiapas mountain range outside of Bella Vista. We visited them last year and were taken back at how remote their farm was with access only by footpaths winding through challenging mountainous terrain. Their farm was well-shaded by indigenous forest cover and their rustic beneficio was more or less hidden in plain sight by the density of the surrounding forest. Truly amazing to see the lengths they go through to cultivate, process and deliver their coffee to Mayan Harvest for export to us, and how special for us to be able to taste the individuality of Belia and Rosendo's coffee in this special micro-lot.