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West Arsi - Werka // Ethiopia

West Arsi - Werka // Ethiopia

Reminds us of - Concord grape & juicy peach

12 oz and bulk 5 lb bags available.

Gara Kogne CWS  // Werka, West Arsi, Ethiopia
Dry (natural) processed mixed heirloom  // 1945 - 2100 masl

The Yonis family behind Testi Coffee is an amazing crew of coffee professionals that process and export some of the best Ethiopian coffee we've tasted. We've been buying a washed lot from their Guji Jigesa station for years now so we were over the moon when they sent us a sample of this dry-processed (aka natural) lot from their Gara Kogne station in Werka, West Arsi. Bursting with grape and juicy peach notes, we bought it immediately.

Serving 750 smallholder farmers in and around the town of Werka, the Gara Kogne station wet-ferments their coffee cherries for 8-hours prior to being placed on raised drying beds. This technique helps to initiate sugar reactions inside the cherries, creating the depth of sweetness found in this cup.⁠ After this initial soak, the cherries are then dried on raised beds placed in locations with more wind and minimal sunlight. These conditions allow for a longer drying period of 28 days, which encourages slower dry fermentation without developing off-flavors.

All this to say, the Yonis family has done it again by partnering with amazing farmers and producing banging coffee. We couldn't be happier about continuing our relationship with Testi Coffee and the incredible work they do both in coffee production and in the coffee communities themselves.