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West Arsi - Werka // Ethiopia

West Arsi - Werka // Ethiopia

Reminds us of -- Concord grape & juicy peach 

12 ounces or 5 lbs. bulk bags

Smallholders // Werka village, West Arsi - Oromia, Ethiopia
Dry processed heirlooms // 1950 - 2100 masl

We've been buying coffee from the Yonis family in Ethiopia for over five years because their coffee never disappoints. Owners of Testi Speciality Coffee led by Faysel Yonis, they are community-driven coffee producers operating washing stations in several regions of Ethiopia. Their Nensebo station in the West Arsi region of Oromia has been pumping out some amazing dry-processed coffees (naturals) the past few seasons and the 2023 crop continues this amazing run. 

The coffee comes from nearly 850 smallholder family farmers surrounding the Werka village who deliver freshly picked coffee to Testi’s Nensebo washing station in the Nensebo district, located in the West Arsi zone. Each farmer has an average of 2-5 hectares of certified organic coffee and typically will manage and pick their own coffee and immediately transport it to the Nensebo station.

Once the coffee arrives at the Nensebo station, Testi station managers oversee the cherry selection and the proceeding drying process with meticulous protocols that ensure even drying to avoid over-fermentation. The result is an intensely sweet, fruity cup that, like us, will keep you coming back for more.