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Waliki - Java // Bolivia

Waliki - Java // Bolivia

Reminds us of — White grape & sweet lemon curd 

12 ounce & 5 lbs bulk bag available.

Waliki (Fincas de Rodriguez) // Bolinda, Caranavi province, Bolivia
Anaerobic Washed Java // 1620 masl

Waliki is an Ayamara greeting meaning “how’s everything” to which the answer is "all good" or "Hakuna Matata". It's also the name of one of our new favorite farms. Owned and operated by the Rodriguez family, Waliki is just under 8 hectares in size and sits at about 1,620 meters above sea level. This high altitude slows the maturation of the coffee cherry because of stable night-time temperatures and mild day temps. The slow maturation leads to an increased concentration of sugars in the cherry and seed, which in turn helps to produce a sweeter, more complex cup of coffee.

Waliki is the Rodriguez family’s newest farm and was planted in 2016. They decided to call it Waliki as this phrase was always one of the first things they were greeted with when talking to local producers and pickers and demonstrated the local community spirit and camaraderie.

They are propagating several varieties on this farm including Orange Bourbon, Geisha and Java. This particular lot is 100% Java and has gone through a fun anaerobic washed process to create tasty notes of white grape and sweet lemon curd.

This is our first season sourcing from Bolivia and we couldn't be more stoked to be working with the Rodriguez family and their Agricafe business. Not only are they producing incredible coffees on their own farms, but they are also working alongside other producers in order to build a thriving coffee market for smallholders in Bolivia.