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Senel & Allan Campos [anaerobic] // Costa Rica

Senel & Allan Campos [anaerobic] // Costa Rica

Reminds us of -- juicy watermelon & agave

12 ounces or 5 lb bulk bag available

Don Senel Campos // Finca La Toboba, San Jeronimo de San Pedro, Costa Rica

Anaerobic natural [dry] processed // 1550-1880 masl

As is so common in the coffee market of Costa Rica - the Campos Family was motivated to start their specialty project because of the low prices they were receiving when delivering their cherries to cooperatives and multinational mills. The financial sustainability of the farm got so bad that in 2014 Don Senel decided to try processing specialty coffee on his own. Along with his family, Senel was able to produce 2 bags of coffee by changing their picking to selecting only the ripest cherries and using an old run-down pulper (with a laundry machine motor). Miraculously the experiment went well and the coffee scored above 86 points - proving to Senel and his family that they could indeed create specialty grade coffee on their own and have the opportunity to ask for more money for their product.

Fast forward to now and the Campos family is cultivating and milling the entirety of their farm's production for specialty coffee export. From their 8-hectare farm, Finca La Toboba, on the slopes of Cerro Chirripó, Costa Rica's tallest peak, Don Senel and his family are producing some seriously good coffee and pushing the boundaries on experimental processing.

This particular lot that we're roasting is the perfect example. Picked at peak ripeness, the coffee cherries are floated & separated, and then placed on raised African beds for 72 hours of pre-drying. Once the sugar content of the cherries reaches 25 - 28 on the BRIX scale, the fruit is transferred to enclosed tanks for anaerobic fermentation. Monitored by daily PH readings, once an optimal degree of fermentation has occurred, Senel & Allan transfer the fruit to their slow-drying greenhouse to let the cherries dry for 30 to 35 days.⁠

All of this amazing work culminates in what you taste in the cup. Bursting with notes of watermelon and sweet agave, this juicy coffee is truly special. Taste close enough and you may even find hints of champagne and ripe pineapple in the aftertaste.