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Russilandia V.06 // Colombia [anoxic dry-process]

Russilandia V.06 // Colombia [anoxic dry-process]

Reminds us of -- Strawberries & cream 

*ONLY* 12 ounce bags available.

Cultivated and processed by one of La Real Expedición Botánica's newest members Heyler Guerra, this micro-lot from Finca Russilandia might just be our favorite LaREB coffee to date. Heyler's farm is located at 1550 masl in the Southern Tolima region, not far from the border with Cundinamarca, and it is here that he has been perfecting non-traditional methods of fermentation to enhance the finer cup qualities of his coffees.

One such method is an anoxic pre-fermentation, also known as carbonic maceration. In this method, the densest coffee cherries in a lot are sealed in plastic tanks and fermented without oxygen for 72 hours. Then, the cherries are placed on raised beds to dry slowly for 14 days. The resulting cup is a winey, fruit-forward bomb reminiscent of fresh summer strawberries and sweet cream.