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Quisaché // Guatemala

Quisaché // Guatemala

Reminds us of -- Red Cherry & Sweet Cacao

12 ounces or 5 lbs. bulk bag available.

Watasha // Quisaché, Chimaltenango, Guatemala

Fully washed Anacafe-14 // 1,500+ masl


Fresh crop Guatemala is here and that can only mean one thing - the return of Quisaché. This season our friends from Yepocapa Coffee partnered with Don Ramiro de La Roca Roca (yeah, so good they named him twice) to produce the Quisaché lot and it's just as banging as years past. Don Ramiro is a progressive farmer in the region focused on three primary goals with his farm - biodiversity, crop rotation, and climate-conscious varietals.

The Anacafe-14 coffee varietal he cultivates is a cross between Catimor and Pacamara cultivars. This cross-breeding provides the disease resistance and production levels of Catimors while offering the bean size and cupping profile of the Pacamaras. Additionally, Don Ramiro grows Hass avocados and black beans throughout his coffee farm. The avocado trees provide shade for his coffee plants and are also a great source of income for his family (more profitable than coffee, actually!); while the black beans pump nitrogen back into the soil which contributes to healthy and productive coffee plants. All this intercropping produces not just tasty coffee but also a healthy environment and sustainable income for Don Ramiro and his family.