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Ngandu Coffee Factory // Kenya

Ngandu Coffee Factory // Kenya

Reminds us of - Fresh rhubarb & pink lemonade

12oz & 5lb bulk bags available.

Ngandu // Karatina town, Nyeri, Kenya
Fully washed SL-24 & SL-38 // 1900 masl

Our newest lot from Kenya was grown by local smallholders in and around the town of Karatina and processed at the Ngandu coffee factory (aka washing station or wet mill). The farmers that bring their cherries to Ngandu are all members of the Rutuma Farmers Cooperative Society, which is a sizeable cooperative providing agri-services and market access for hundreds of farming households at the base of Mt. Kenya. Rutuma F.C.S. manages seven coffee factories in the famed producing region of Nyeri County in Kenya's Central Province. Producers in Nyeri have consistently been pumping out our favorite Kenyan coffees that reflect all the high points of East African coffee - juicy & vibrant acidity balanced by sweet fruitiness and rich complexity.