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Muthuunzuni AA // Kenya

Muthuunzuni AA // Kenya

Reminds us of - pink lemonade & ripe melon.

12 oz and bulk 5 lb bags available.


In some regions of Kenya, there are no clearly defined wet and dry seasons. This unique climate leads to two flowerings on a coffee tree which in turn creates two harvests per year. The second harvest is known as a fly crop, and oh boy, do we have a superfly coffee from Kenya's latest fly crop.

This coffee comes to us from the Muthuzuuni Farmers Association, which is comprised of about 1000 smallholder farmers whose average farm size is a little over an acre. Muthuzuuni sits at about 1750 masl in the Eastern Provence region of Machakos, southeast of Kenya's capital, Nairobi. The farmers of Muthuzuuni primarily cultivate the SL28 variety. SL28 is a famed Arabica strain that is drought resistant but still awesome in the cup.

Boasting amazing complexity, sparkling acidity, and bold sweetness, this coffee from Muthuzuuni is a perfect example of what makes the SL28 variety and Kenyan coffee more broadly such a fun and unique coffee experience.