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Gathaithi Farmers Co-op // Kenya

Gathaithi Farmers Co-op // Kenya

Reminds us of - Fresh Florals & Sweet Starfruit

12 oz and bulk 5 lb bags available.

Gathaithi Farmer's Co-op // Gaki, Nyeri County, Kenya 

Fully washed SL28 & SL34 // 1720 masl

The most recent Kenyan harvest was a tough season for many coffee factories across the country (thanks, climate change), but our friends at Gathaithi Farmer's Co-op have pulled a rabbit from the hat with a stunning coffee. The 1600 smallholder farmers in this co-op cultivate their cherries in the hills sandwiched between Mt. Kenya and the Aberdare range in Nyeri County and this elegant growing climate leads to wonderfully complex and sweet coffee. In addition to coffee, many of the farmers also grow bananas and maize. Grevillea and macadamia trees are also planted to provide shade to the growing coffee trees. This intercropping, coupled with nutrient-dense red-volcanic soils, lays the foundation for banging coffees tasting like fresh cut florals and sweet starfruit. Sweet and sparkling with beautiful complex notes, this is everything you'd expect from a well-grown, meticulously processed Kenyan coffee from Nyeri.