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Mbizi CWS #022 // Rwanda

Mbizi CWS #022 // Rwanda

Reminds us of -- Strawberries & lemon pastry 

12 ounces or 5 lbs. bulk bags

Mbizi CWS  // Rukoma sector, Kamonyi District, Rwanda
Dry-processed bourbon // 1800-2200 masl

Our roots run deep in Rwanda with our sister company, The Gihanga Project, providing international export & import for smallholder farmers in Rwanda coupled with community development funds focused on education, health, and gender equity programs. Under the management of our BFFs Kevin & Ngabo, Gihanga purchased the Mbizi washing station and we've been working with the farmers and CWS production crew to produce banging coffee. This season they hit the mark and we purchased the entire  #022 day lot because it's soooo tasty. To say we're stoked to have this coffee here in Denver is an understatement!
This may be our first time offering coffee from Mbizi but it certainly won't be the last. As The Gihanga Project continues to grow, we're excited to see positive growth both in coffee quality and community impact. At Mbizi in particular, an emphasis has been placed on gender equity with a collective of 300 women farmers joined together in a community association. This collective supports its members with ag-inputs for both coffee & subsistence farming as well as household assistance like community childcare services and livestock access. The work being done through Gihanga at stations like Mbizi is everything we love about a collective coffee chain. It's real, genuine connection supporting a stronger more sustainable future.