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Los Pinos [Natural] // Nicaragua // WS

Reminds us of -- brown sugar & blackberries

Brew recommendation -- batch & manual brew

Our head roaster, Luke, first visited Nicaragua in 2015 way before Queen City was a thing. While there, he met a revolutionary organic coffee farmer, Byron Corrales outside the town of Matagalpa. Byron took Luke to his family’s farm, Los Pinos, and introduced Luke to his innovative biodynamic cultivation systems. Luke came back from that experience inspired by Byron’s vision for environmental restoration through coffee production. Fast forward to 2019, we reconnected with the Corrales family and purchased our first lot from them. This year, 2020, we’ve more than doubled our purchase from them bringing back this incredible natural process lot. To say we’re stoked to bring this relationship full circle and continuing into the future is an understatement. We can’t wait to see where our relationship with the Corrales family continues to go!