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Hermer Arturo Sánchez // Colombia

Hermer Arturo Sánchez // Colombia

Reminds us of -- Molasses & white grape

12 ounces & 5 lb. bulk bags available.

Hermer Arturo Sánchez // Palestina, Huila, Colombia
Mixed fermentation caturra and Colombia varietals // 1670 - 1770 masl

If you enjoyed our recent LEC release, you're gonna love this one because it's yet another Huila banger curated by our Colombia friends, LaREB. This particular coffee was cultivated and processed by Hermer Arturo Sánchez on his farm just outside of the town of Palestina, which is a hub for coffee growing in the southern Huila region. As the wider specialty coffee movement in Huila has gained great momentum over the past decade or so, Palestina has become a major center for the production of amazing coffees and LaREB has become a key actor in milling and exporting lots from coffee producers in the area. LaREB's team is working with like-minded producers that share a genuine desire to preserve coffee-growing communities across Colombia and to help them prosper in the most socio-environmentally conscious manner.