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Finca Rosario de Fátima  // Guatemala

Finca Rosario de Fátima // Guatemala

Reminds us of -- Milk chocolate & sweet mango

12 ounces or 5 lbs. bulk bags

Finca Rosario de Fátima // Carchá, Cobán, Guatemala
Fully washed caturra, catuaí & bourbon // 1200- 1450 masl

Finca Rosario de Fátima is a beautiful farm located in the cloudy moist region of Cobán, Guatemala near the town of Carchá. The farm sits down in a valley surrounded by mountains that trap the Atlantic Ocean winds to create a wet, cool microclimate. This climate is characterized by rainy and then even rainier seasons, as well as the ‘Chipi Chipi’ or light mist that coats the land. All of this moisture creates moist soils that are ideal for coffee cultivation.

However, all of this rainfall and cloud coverage can also cause problems if farmers do not work with the unique microclimate. For this reason, you'll find very few shade trees on Fátima in order to allow the maximum amount of sunlight to reach the plants. The moist climate also facilitates the spread of diseases among coffee plants so Fátima spaces their coffee plants farther apart than traditional coffee farms. This spacing gives the coffee trees optimal exposure to sunlight, and room for water drainage, as well as to prevent the spread of diseases caused by close contact.

The farm manager, Don Carlos, has been working on Fátima for over 50 years, and now his son, Edgar, is taking over the management while learning all the do's and don'ts from his father. They manage and renovate the farm by individualized lots, observing the farming qualities of the productive lots (varietals, spacing, soil management, shading, etc.) and applying these techniques to the less productive lots. This farming method has allowed Don Carlos and Edgar to produce specialty, traceable coffee year after year.