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Finca Muxbal // Mexico

Finca Muxbal // Mexico

Reminds us of — vanilla bean & cacao nibs

12 ounce & 5 lbs bulk bag available.

Finca Muxbal // Unión Juárez, Chiapas, Mexico
Fully washed Caturra, Mondo Novo & Catuai // 1500+ masl

Finca Muxbal (pronounced moo-BALL) is named for a Mayan phrase meaning “place surrounded by clouds.” Quite fitting for a farm located high-up in the stunning mountains of Mexico's Chiapas region near the town of Unión Juárez. This mountain-top farm is at the very southern tip of Chiapas as it shares a border with the rugged moutains of Guatemala's famed coffee region, Huehuetenango.

Finca Muxbal has been owned by the Rodriguez family since 1959 and is currently manged by the sixth generation of the family, Jorge Gallardo. Under Jorge's management the coffee operation has become enormously open to processing improvements and new ideas all while remaining committed to progressive socio-ecological community development.

The farm is an impressive 236 hectares split in to two zones -- half is planted with coffee and half is a protected ecological reserve of rainforest, rivers, springs and natural flora and fauna. It is has been Rainforest Alliance certified since 2006, and is continually implementing good environmental and social practices. On the property is a school for the children of the 200+ seaonal coffee pickers that show up at harvest time. These seaonal workers along with their families are also provided adequate and dignified housing and meals. Such provisions not just for the workers but for their families as well is a step above and beyond in a supply chain that far too often overlooks these individuals.