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Finca Las Brisas // El Salvador [anaerobic]

Finca Las Brisas // El Salvador [anaerobic]

Reminds us of - ripe plum & cacao nibs

12oz & 5lb bulk bags available

Carlos Pola // Finca Las Brisas, Juayua, El Salvador

Anaerobic, dry-processed parainema varietal // 1200 - 2030 masl

Carlos Pola, owner & operator of Finca Las Brisas, loves to push the boundaries with his coffee production. From new cultivation practices to crazy fermentations, Carlos loves to innovate, and we're lucky enough to taste the rewards of his creativity. Our friends Nicole & Kevin of Roam Bravely first introduced us to Carlos' coffee in 2019 when they were importing Carlos' coffee for the first time to the US. Prior to that, his coffee was only available in Europe & Asia. We instantly fell in love and have been buying his coffee every season since.

And just like those other seasons past, we're roasting up Carlos' anaerobic, dry-processed lot of the parainema varietal. This varietal is cultivated by Carlos in an attempt to combat coffee leaf rust, also known as roya, which is a pervasive fungus that devastates coffee trees and threatens farmers' livelihoods. We're happy to see Carlos continuing to thrive and produce amazing coffees despite the threats roya and other climate change-related variables present to him.