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Faysel Abdosh - Bombe [Natural] // Ethiopia

Faysel Abdosh - Bombe [Natural] // Ethiopia

Reminds us of -- Cortland apple & orange blossom honey

12 ounces or 5 lbs. bulk bags

Faysel Abdosh // Bombe, Sidama Zone, Ethiopia
Dry processed 74118, 74110 & 74158 // 1990 - 2150 masl

This particular coffee comes from a single 35-hectare estate owned by Faysel Abdosh. Faysel purchased the property in 2020 and immediately set to work dialing in processing systems he felt best suited the farm’s high elevation and selective cultivars. The resulting coffee, one of the first ever produced at his farm, totally upends Sidama coffee norms for three big reasons. First, it comes from a private estate managed entirely by Faysel from tree to export. Secondly, the coffee is dry (naturally) processed, which is rare for Sidama. Finally, the coffee is a Grade 1, meaning the cup quality and physical preparation is the best that Ethiopia certifies.

Faysel’s farm is near the town of Bombe, in far eastern Sidama Zone, on the outskirts of the Harenna Forest National Park. Faysel oversees a team of 15 field workers year-round, and a crew of 150 during harvest and processing. Faysel exports coffee via Testi Coffee, the family exporter we work with for the majority of our Ethiopian coffees.

This particular lot was processed using a unique cherry fermentation step prior to drying. Faysel uses a particular blend of cherry ripeness, combining 85 % fully-ripe, 10% over-ripe, and 5% under-ripe cherry together for processing, in order to balance sugars and acids in the final lot. Once fresh-picked cherry is blended to his specs and floated to remove all low-density coffee, the cherry is allowed to rest submerged underwater for 8 hours, which Faysel believes helps to initiate sugar breakdown inside the cherry and sweeten the final coffee. After the soaking is complete, the cherries are laid out to dry on shaded raised beds at a depth of 5cm, where they are constantly rotated for 28 days. You can taste the special results of this unique process in the cup - a stunning coffee.