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Familia de Mustafá #2 // Colombia

Familia de Mustafá #2 // Colombia

Reminds us of -- dark chocolate & raw sugar 

12 ounces & 5 lb. bulk bags available.

Familia de Mustafá // Pereira, Risaralda, Colombia

Fully washed Caturra & Colombia varietals // 1550+ masl

The coffee-growing business of the Mustafá family is a multigenerational affair. Under the youthful leadership of Ana Mustafá, the family estate has revolutionized its coffee production from being solely focused on high-volume commercial-grade coffees to now producing some of the most unique specialty-grade lots coming out of Colombia. 

Ana's vision to reform her family's operations comes from her passion for specialty coffee as evidenced by her being a foundational member of La Real Expedición Botánica (LaREB), our long-time homies for all our Colombian coffees. LaREB is a farmers' movement to increase environmental stewardship and refine coffee growing practices & processing techniques in order to establish more stable livelihoods for coffee producers. This stability is achieved through increased quality and therefore increased price of the coffee produced and directly trading these high-quality lots between farmers and roasters.