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El Paraíso Community Lot // Peru

El Paraíso Community Lot // Peru

Reminds us of -- Sweet tangerine & toffee

12 ounces & 5 lb. bulk bags available.

Smallholders in El Paraíso // El Paraíso village, Huabal District, Peru
Caturra and catuaí varietals // 1800 - 2050 masl

This is our third Peruvian release this year and like the previous ones, this is a truly tasty coffee. Sweet, bright and complex, this community lot produced by farmers in the village of El Paraíso is a real treat. The town itself is a picturesque village in the Huabal district of Cajamarca, Peru. The village center sits atop a small mountain with beautiful vistas in every direction. Smallholders' coffee farms are located around the village center between 1800 and 2050 masl. The potential of this lil village is amazing, and in recent years the producers in El Paraíso have benefitted from the involvement of organizations like our purchasing partners Falcon, which works primarily with farms in the higher altitudes where its agronomists have expertise. Through guidance on agriculture and planting—including moving away from the lower-quality Catimor variety—producers have seen greatly improved premiums for their higher quality yields.