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Educardo Flórez // Colombia

Educardo Flórez // Colombia

Reminds us of - sweet honey & tropical juice

12oz and 5lb bulk bags available

Our latest La Real Expedición Botánica (LaREB) release is another banger from Casabianca in Tolima, Colombia. This particular release was produced by Educardo Flórez and it's our first time buying coffee from him but right away we saw why Herbert and the LaREB team wanted to bring Educardo into the fold. This coffee, like all LaREB coffees, is boundary-pushing and highlights the sweet, bright notes that make Colombian coffee so special.

For this particular lot, Educardo cultivated the Colombia Supremo varietal which was then collected in mixed batches from different day pickings and dry rested in-husk for 16 hours. The coffee was then depupled and dry-mass fermented in fermenation tanks and sun-dried to perfection. All of Educardo's efforts created a super sweet and bright cup with mouthwatering notes of sweet honey and tropical juice.

PS - while you're enjoying this cup of Colombian coffee, please make sure to remember our friends there who are currently struggling against state-sponsored violence & oppression. While we love coffee, we love our friends there even more. People > profit #paronacional