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Covadonga // Guatemala

Covadonga // Guatemala

Reminds us of -- Red Apple & Baking Chocolate

12 ounces or 5 lbs. bulk bags

Finca Covadonga  // Antigua Valley, Sacatepequez, Guatemala
Fully washed bourbon, typica & caturra // 1500+ masl

Led by Don Robert Sanchez Lazo, Finca Covadonga is an elegant estate farm nestled in Guatemala's famed coffee-growing valley of Antigua. Surrounded by three volcanos and blessed with plenty of rainfall, the valley is perfect for coffee cultivation of the highest quality. Cherries grown on the Finca Covadonga estate are brought to a centralized wet mill in the city of Antigua operated by our friends, Los Volcanes Coffee (LVC). LVC is a tight-knit processing and exporting team who expertise in agronomy and processing is interwoven throughout Guatemala's coffee industry. The founding team at LVC is known for breaking down a single farm’s harvest into hundreds of data points (compost formulas, genetics, shade variance, picking rates, fermentation times and temperatures, drying styles, etc.) and re-building custom-tailored harvesting systems for farm managers based on their experience and cupping acumen. With their centralized wet mill, they process cherry from dozens of select farms and smallholder communities and apply their fermentation precision to build incredibly delicious lots that present refined terroirs and consistent preparation.