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Campos - Cola Roja (Anaerobic) // Costa Rica

Campos - Cola Roja (Anaerobic) // Costa Rica

Reminds us of -- Sweet cherry limeade & apple pie

8 oz. (half-pound) ONLY!

Don Senel Campos // El Cola Roja, Brunca, Costa Rica
Anaerobic, dry-processed (natural) Obata & Villa Sarchi // 1800+ masl

Last month we released Allan Campos' natural catuai lot and now we've got a stunner from his dad, the legendary Don Senel Campos. Get ready to have your tastebuds smacked with the crazy flavors of this anaerobic, dry-processed coffee. It's a wild ride and such a special coffee that we had to throw back to our OG, 8 oz. stand-up pouches to set this baby apart from the crowd.

Cultivated on his El Cola Roja farm in the mountainous Brunca region of Costa Rica, Don Senel processed this particular lot using an anaerobic, dry process. What the hell does that mean? After harvest, cherries are sorted via a destoner and a floatation system to remove debris and defective cherries. The sorted cherries are then pre-dried on raised beds for 72 hours until reaching an average of 25–28 degrees Brix. The pre-dried coffee is then deposited into sealed fermentation tanks where it is fermented in an anaerobic (no oxygen, ya heard!) environment. This fermentation is monitored daily through pH measurements, and fermentation is stopped only after the cherries reach the optimal pH level. Fermented cherries are then taken to a greenhouse where they are dried for 35–40 days to reach 10% humidity. The dried cherries are then rested for at least two months at Don Senel's warehouse before being milled and prepared for export.

All this amazing talent and work culminates in your cup with a funky, sweet cherry limeade bomb up front that finishes with cuddly notes of flakey apple pie. Available in the OG, 8 oz. bag only cuz this one's a special one.