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Busanze CWS // Rwanda

Busanze CWS // Rwanda

Reminds us of -- Sweet orange & bright florals 

12 ounces or 5 lbs. bulk bags

Busanze CWS  // Nyaruguru, Southern Province, Rwanda
Fully washed bourbon // 2000+ masl

For the second season in a row, we're sourcing coffee with our friends at Busanze CWS located in a remote region of Rwanda's southern Nyaruguru district. The washing station is only a few years old and recently joined the growing network of producers in our sister company, The Gihanga Project, which provides international export & import for smallholders in Rwanda.
Prior to the Busanze station opening, there were few processing options for coffee producers in the Nyaruguru district and so farmers had to hike over literal mountain ranges to sell their cherries. The team behind Busanze is eager to provide easier access for these farmers and support quality coffee production. In fact, in its first year of operation Busanze ranked 7th in the Alliance Cup of excellence award with a score of 89 points.
But even cooler, the Busanze team is promoting the conservation of natural resources through good agricultural practices because the washing station sits adjacent to one of Rwanda's renowned biodiversity zones, the Nyugwe Forest. Good coffee for a good environment. Can't be mad at that!