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Maria Eugenia Rodriguez // Colombia

Maria Eugenia Rodriguez // Colombia

Reminds us of -- Juicy Pineapple & Complex Florals

12 ounces & 5 lb. bulk bags available.


Maria Eugenia Rodriguez // El Silencio, Huila, Colombia
Fully washed Colombia Rosado // 1715 masl

Maria Rodriguez has been cultivating coffee for some time but she recently joined forces with our homies LaREB to take her operation to the next level. This is her first export with LaREB and we couldn't be more pumped for it. She cultivated and processed a single varietal lot of Colombia Rosado using a 24-hour in-husk fermentation prior to pulping. She then fermented for 18-hours post pulping followed by 30 days of drying in a greenhouse on raised beds. Once her coffee was ready for export, she sent the parchment to Herbert and the LaREB crew in Pereira to be dry milled at the new(ish) LaREB mill. The resulting cup is quintessential Huila coffee--bright, juicy and complex--a truly tasty cup. 

The collective work being done by LaREB producers to hold onto the value of their coffee is as inspirational as the quality of their coffee. We look forward to tasting more and more of Maria's coffees as the expansion & evolution of LaREB continues.