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Arlex Muñoz // Colombia

Arlex Muñoz // Colombia

Reminds us of -- Sweet honey & banana 

12 ounces & 5 lb. bulk bags available.

Arlex Muñoz // Cusillo Alto - La Unión, Nariño, Colombia

In-lot washed Caturra & Colombia varietals // 2000 masl

It's back for the third season in a row! Fresh crop goods from Arlex Muñoz in Cussillo Alto, Nariño. Arlex is a caficultor memeber of La Real Expedición Botánica (LaREB), our long-time homies for all our Colombian coffees.  LaREB is a farmers' movement to increase environmental stewardship and refine coffee growing practices & processing techniques in order to establish more stable livelihoods for coffee producers. This stability is achieved through increased quality, and therefore the price, of the coffee produced. 

Arlex is the perfect example of LaREB's model holding true. Our first time tasting Arlex's coffee was fun but there were certain elements that could improve. Now in our third year buying his coffee, the results of his work with LaREB are shining through. The coffee this season is ridiculously tasty with notes bursting of honey sweetness and yellow fruit like a perfectly picked banana. He achieves this amazing level of quality through innovative techniques that utilize an in-lot washing process that starts with 92 hours of in-husk fermentation of the coffee cherries followed by another 36 hours of dry-mass fermentation. The cherries are then washed and placed in a greenhouse for 15 days of drying. Take a sip of his coffee and you'll see why this unique approach to washed processing is so dang good.