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Allan Campos // Costa Rica

Allan Campos // Costa Rica

Reminds us of -- guava candy & grape hi-chews

12 ounce or 5 lbs. bulk bags available.

Allan Campos // Monos de Piedra, Finca La Toboba, Costa Rica
Dry-processed (natural) catuai // 1400 - 1700 masl

It's our third season in a row buying from the father/son duo Don Senal & Allan Campos in Costa Rica. We have two lots from them this year and the first is this banging dry-processed, single-varietal lot produced by Allan at the aptly named, Monos de Piedra (stone monkeys) subplot found on their main farm, Finca La Toboba. 

The Campos family became independent producers in 2014 as a response to poor coffee prices at the time. In the first year, they processed 300 kg of coffee from Finca La Toboba, fitting a motor from a washing machine to an old hand pulper and using the basic infrastructure already in place at the mill. This first lot scored well, and during the next harvest, they would purchase and process as much coffee as possible in order to earn the money needed to buy new equipment, improve the drying areas, and to invest in purchasing land with good conditions for cultivating new varieties known for their complex and high-quality cup profiles.

The micromill has changed quite a lot from its beginnings in 2014, including raised beds and greenhouse drying areas, and more modernized equipment and tools. Processing at the mill has also changed from the more traditional practices utilized at first, now involving the measurement and tracking of variables like pH and brix degrees to control and influence the final cup profile of each microlot. 

All this investment and work has paid off in the form of stunning coffees. Each year we're blown away at the sweetness & complexity of the Campos' coffee. This lot is no different. It's a show stopper!