Women farmers are rad...

And we think coffee should be a profitable and sustainable future for them! Unfortunately, that is often not the case. Even though women provide nearly 80% of coffee field and harvest labor worldwide, they regularly do not have access to the revenue generated by their labor. This inadequate access to revenue hurts not just the individual farmer, but also her family and greater community. Just ask any development expert, women are the best catalysts for community development. So if we really want to see vibrant communities, women need access to their hard-earned resources. Such access allows them to be movers and shakers, change makers, and badass builders of their communities and the greater collective good!

Our Made by HER program looks to achieve just this -- empower women farmers with increased revenue so that they can do what they think is best for their community. From buying coffee from women-run cooperatives in Central America to revenue-sharing with growing groups in Africa, we've made it a priority to partner with and advocate for women coffee farmers. Our goal is to see our partnered farmers earn more-than-fair wages for their labor and to have access to the proper resources to sustain their farms. Together, we are striving to make coffee a viable future for farmers and their communities.

Though we've prioritized working with women farmers, we recognize the importance of a gender inclusive supply chain. Our efforts to work with women farmers are not at the exclusion of male counterparts. Building gender parity is a collective effort, and we're doing our small part to ensure we all move forward together!

Look for the Made by Her logo to find the coffees brought direct to you from the hands of women farmers.

And, if you are business owner or entrepreneur looking to highlight the work of women producers, get in touch with us if you'd like to use the Made by HER logo on your products.