QC Baker

Located in Denver's historic Baker neighborhood, the QC Baker bar is a collaborative coffee shop/brewery with our dudes, Novel Strand Brewing Co. It also happens to be our first cafe.  Come say what's up and drink coffee with us.

305 W 1st Avenue
Denver, CO, 80223
United States

Hours: 7am - 3pm everyday



QC Five points

Located in Denver's historic Five Points neighborhood, our second coffee shop is right off the L-line at 30th & Welton. Watch your step and don’t get smashed by a trolley while you’re sipping on a delicious coffee.

2962 Welton St
Denver, CO, 80205
United States

Hours: 7am - 5pm, Monday - Saturday; and, 8am-3pm on Sundays


QC Roasting Room

Our HQ where all things QC coffee production go down -- roasting, sampling, WhatsApp'n with our farmer friends & tossing back cold ones from the beer fridge.

17 E 4th Avenue
Denver, CO, 80203
United States

Hours: Hit us up before popping by cuz wholesale business keeps us busy.